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Project Overview
A full stack application using MERN to collect and store expense data, then retrieve as an admin user. The application also copies uploaded files and adds them to the server files to be retrieved for later use.
Most companies defer to using impractical and messy spread sheets or endless webs of email chains. This application makes uploading and viewing the information easy and has a beautifully responsive design.
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Expense Management System
Expense App
Full Stack
Oct 2023 — Current

Key Features:

Expense Data Collection:
Users can input various types of expenses, including general expenses, itemized expenses, food expenses, and mileage expenses.The application provides a user-friendly form interface for inputting and managing expense data.

Data Storage and Retrieval:
Expense data is securely stored in a MongoDB database.Admin users have the ability to retrieve and review all submitted expenses, ensuring efficient data management and oversight.

File Upload and Management:
Users can upload files related to their expenses (e.g., receipts, invoices).Uploaded files are copied to the server's file system, allowing for easy access and retrieval at a later time.

User Authentication and Authorization:
The application includes a robust authentication system to ensure secure access. Only admin users have access to the data retrieval and management features, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Admin Dashboard:
Admin users can view a comprehensive history of all submitted expenses. The dashboard provides detailed insights into each expense entry, including type, amount, date, and additional notes.

Technical Stack:
MongoDB: For storing all expense and user data.
Express.js: A web application framework for building the server-side API.
React: For building the interactive user interface.
Node.js: For the server-side runtime environment.

Regular users can log in, submit their expenses, and upload related files. Admin users can log in to access a detailed history of all expense submissions, view uploaded files, and manage the overall expense data.

This application streamlines the process of expense tracking and management, providing a powerful tool for both users and administrators.

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