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Full-Stack Web Development
Project Overview
In a world where deciding where to eat can often be a daunting task, "Just Eat It" steps in as a solution to the perennial dilemma of indecisive dining. The project aims to streamline the process of choosing a restaurant by harnessing the power of technology, social connectivity, and culinary exploration.
The initial impetus for "Just Eat It" arose from the common frustration of coordinating dining plans with friends. The ubiquitous response of "I don't care" or "I don't know" often leaves groups in a stalemate, resulting in wasted time and indecision. This project seeks to eliminate this issue by providing a centralized platform where users can effortlessly discover, decide, and dine together.
Yelp and Google Maps Integration: Access top-rated restaurants based on location, thanks to seamless integration with Yelp and Google Maps APIs.
Customized Search: Refine restaurant options by cuisine type, price range, and user ratings for a tailored dining experience.
Social Connectivity: Connect with friends to discover shared food interests and preferences within the app.
Shared Food Types
: Identify common culinary preferences among friends to simplify group dining decisions.
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Just Eat It
Dec 2023 - Current
Google Maps API Integration: I led the integration of the Google Maps API into my website, enabling users to pinpoint locations accurately and visualize them on the map interface. This integration enhances navigation and enriches the user experience.
Yelp API Integration: I played a pivotal role in integrating the Yelp API, allowing my website to retrieve comprehensive restaurant data such as ratings, reviews, and photos. This integration empowers visitors to make informed decisions about dining options.
Backend Schema Design: Leveraging my expertise in backend development, I designed an efficient and scalable schema to manage data storage and retrieval. This ensures smooth data management and optimized performance on my website.
Mutations/Resolvers: I implemented mutations and resolvers on the backend to handle data manipulation and fulfill client-side requests. This robust backend functionality facilitates seamless communication between frontend and backend components.
Frontend Development (React): On the frontend side, I took charge of developing dynamic and interactive user interfaces using React. In particular, I created the Friends page to enhance social connectivity on my website, fostering engagement and facilitating user interactions.
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In summary, "Just Eat It" represents a novel solution to the age-old dilemma of deciding where to eat. By harnessing the power of technology, social connectivity, and gastronomic exploration, the app empowers users to make informed dining decisions, foster meaningful connections, and embark on culinary journeys with friends. Whether it's a casual dinner outing or a culinary excursion, "Just Eat It" is poised to revolutionize the way we dine together.